Grant Procedures
2013 Grant Recipients
The Hawaiian Legacy Foundation (2nd and final payment)
Lahaina: Waves of Change

Grant amount: $25,000

      In 1999, Hawaiian musician, ­filmmaker and living legend Eddie Kamae heard the news that the ­historic Pioneer Mill in Lähainä, Maui , would soon be silent after 104 years of operation as a sugar mill. A few hours later, sensing that an important era in Lähainä’s history was coming to an end, he secured a camera and raced to film the mill’s last days of ­operation. In the process, he began to delve into the area’s rich past and over two centuries of changes that resulted in the creation of modern day Lähainä. This was the beginning of a documentary project, Lähainä: Waves of Change, and the ninth ­documentary in Eddie and Myrna Kamae’s successful Hawaiian Legacy Series.
        With the help of a $25,000 grant from the Campbell Family Foundation, the Kamaes produced the 60-minute ­documentary along with study guides for distribution to public schools statewide. The docu­­mentary was of ­special ­interest to the Foundation, as it ­chronicles the ­history of Pioneer Mill, which was founded by business pioneer James Campbell and his partners. The mill played a major role in West Maui’s ­economy and in Campbell’s fortunes, as the proceeds from the sale of the mill in 1877 allowed him to purchase 41,000 acres of land on the Ewa Plains of O‘ahu. It is here that his legacy continues with the development of the City of Kapolei and with the ­philanthropy of his heirs through the Campbell Family Foundation.
        “The Pioneer Mill story is an ­important part of Lähainä’s history, and we’re delighted that with the Campbell Family Foundation’s help, we’re able to tell the story of who we are so that future ­generations will have an appreciation of their history and culture,” said Eddie Kamae.