The Foundation
James & Abigail Campbell
Board of Directors
2013 Annual Report
Established in 1980, the James & Abigail Campbell Foundation embraces the values and beliefs of James and Abigail Campbell by investing in Hawai'i's people and the communities that nurture them.

Over the years, the Foundation has had a great return on this investment-in the form of stronger families, more effective educational programs and an improved quality of life for the people of Hawai'i. In 2005, the Foundation, which is funded primarily by Campbell family members, was renamed the James & Abigail Campbell Family Foundation to reaffirm the family's commitment to Hawai'i and its future well-being. It is dedicated to continuing the Foundation's work in memory of James and Abigail Campbell.

Thanks to the support of Campbell family members and friends, the Campbell Family Foundation's assets have grown to $18.6 million unaudited.